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Immerse yourself in a transformative journey of Quranic knowledge and spiritual growth. Our platform is dedicated to providing you with exceptional online courses that delve deep into the sacred teachings of the Quran..

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Quran Nazra

Quran Nazra teaching focuses on imparting the correct pronunciation, intonation, and spiritual comprehension of the Quranic verses, fostering a profound connection to the sacred text


Memorization of the Quran, known as 'Hifz,' is a dedicated practice that involves committing the entire holy scripture to memory, fostering a deep spiritual bond and knowledge of its verses


Tajweed, the precise and melodious recitation of the Quran, ensures the correct pronunciation and articulation of letters, enhancing the beauty and authenticity of its divine message.


Studying the grammar of the Quran enhances our comprehension of its intricate linguistic structure, revealing profound layers of meaning within its verses.

Quran Translation

Quran translation bridges language barriers, providing access to the timeless wisdom and guidance of the holy scripture for people around the world


Tafseer delves deep into the interpretation and explanation of the Quran, unveiling the contextual and spiritual insights that enrich our understanding of its divine teachings

Online Quran Teaching

Online Quran Teaching

Step into a world of Online Quran Teaching Services, where we extend a warm welcome to all seekers of knowledge. Our platform offers a diverse range of courses encompassing Islamic studies, character development, and life transformation, all in alignment with the teachings of Sharia. From the bustling streets of Pakistan to corners around the globe, countless individuals have embraced the enriching journey of reading the Quran through our online classes.





Learn Quran With Ease

Embrace the opportunity to unlock the correct recitation of the Quran, a responsibility we shoulder as Muslims. Beyond recitation lies comprehension – each word a jewel to be explored. If you find yourself yearning to utter the words of the Quran with precision, look no further than our Online Quran Teaching Service. Let the divine light of this sacred scripture illuminate your heart, allowing its wisdom to guide your journey.

Learn Quran With Ease

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I am Hafiz Muhammad Tayyab Aziz. I have 6 Years of Experience in Teaching Quran In Institutes
H.M.Tayyab Aziz
I am Mufti Masood Zafar. I have 15 Years of Experience in Teaching Quran In Institutes
H.Muf. Masood Zafar
I am Hafiz Muhammad Ismail. I have 8 Years of Experience in Teaching Quran In Institutes
H.M Ismail
I am Qari riaz. I have 8 Years of Experience in Teaching Quran In Institutes
Qari riaz
I am Mahwish Liaqat. I have 5 Years of Experience in Teaching Quran In Institutes
Mahwish Liaqat
I am Ayesha Shehbaz. I have 2 Years of Experience in Teaching Quran In Institutes
Ayesha Shehbaz

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Basic Plan Of 1 Week

The Basic Plan offers foundational Quranic education, encompassing Tajweed recitation for accurate pronunciation, introductory Tafseer for contextual insights, memorization techniques, and essential grammar. Learners engage in basic translation to grasp meaning, receiving personalized guidance and flexible learning options to nurture a deep and comprehensive connection with the Quran
$ 50 Weekly
  • Nazra
  • Hifaz
  • Tajweed

Standard Plan Of 1 Month

In a one-month Basic Plan, students develop core Quranic skills: precise Tajweed recitation, introductory Tafseer insights, foundational memorization techniques, and basic grammar understanding. Personalized guidance and flexible learning options ensure a meaningful connection to the Quran within a short timeframe. Moreover we will also take daily basis test of all the courses you Join
$ 150 Monthly
  • Nazra
  • Hifaz, Tajweed
  • Kalmay